… Started from a small idea

Enjoying in collecting many unique features and aspects that are belong to a lot of countries’ cuisine, and the world in general. That is always a person I am. When I was a student, I had a strong interest in finding new ways to develop my curiosity and enthusiasm about food around the world.


the way to begin a new big dream

The beginning of my big dream

Hardly choosing the right food for enjoying; you can call my name like this. However, I love to find new stuffs from the nature, especially CHOCOLATE. You know ! Chocolate is one kind of food available in my meals every day. A dessert or a snack such as chocolate, people might think that, is often a good taste with friends in break time and, of course, just for fun and flavor.


chocolate is a dream that you have to live with it

Chocolate – A dream

When I graduated from school, I started to looking for a job to earn money and, from that time, my interest was gradually formed in finding and collecting many kinds of chocolate from many countries in the world. From the most bitter one that makes me sound: “Oh dear!” to one mixed with high rate of butter, milk and cheese, all of them make me have a strange feeling that is hard to describe. From the beginning of this way finding and enjoying this lovely taste, I feel like I am falling in love with a perfect boy ! Do you know ? When eating a series of chocolate from Belgium, United States, Holland, Germany, etc, I felt that I had been lost in a heaven full of wine, especially Hennessy wine, Champagne wine and others . Oh! How can you describe the hot-like-chilly flavor that can even rip out your throat with an extreme bitter aftertaste in the end. I think that I am following a Latin dance or gently walking on a shiny floor like full moon, next to a dancer who is seeing my dream – floating in the air. It is a dream that you can say:  “Softest than smoothness”

Loving sweet and bitter chocolate

Say that I love chocolate


… The adventure begins


I did not know the time, but I have found that I loved the way people creating masterpieces that “cannot express by words, but use your heart to feel the value inside”. I started my voyage to Western Africa, Southern America and Southeastern Asia – The paradise of cacao trees. In here, exactly proving by the name, you can see nothing but cacao trees – an important economical tree. According to people here, most of them are depend on planting cacao trees and selling them to companies.

Cacao seeds in Ho Chi Minh city in Nama chocolate Shop

Cacao seeds

Cacao is one kind of green-leave trees that appears in tropical areas. Its seed grows inside the shell and develop into tree and brands. Each cacao fruit has a size that is equivalent to a rugby ball. Normally, farmers harvest cacao fruit when their outside shell change color from green to orange. Then, farmers separate the shell and collect the white flesh inside, next they will be divided into different standards and brought to factories or traders. Until now, I know that cacao fruit have no smell, they are white and can contain 50 seeds – that was amazing. That is not enough, farmers will ferment cacao within 5 to 8 days. If the weather is good, the cacao will be desiccated an extra week. When processing, farmers have to prepare an extra drying machine to ensure the cacao quality. What do you think ? Do you see it is wonderful ? Follow me to the creating chocolate progress.

Seeds and flesh of cacao fruit

Seeds and flesh of cacao fruit

When brought to the factories, Cacao will be put into roasting machine to have the suitable color, reaching the demand of the consumers. There are a lot of machine – more than your thinking. You can see brown cacao, wood-brown color, etc. Wonderful ! You will like it ! I took a walk with some staffs. They showed me different functional areas. Cacao seeds, after roasting from 250 Celsius to 350 Celsius within 30 minutes to 2 hours, will be separates again (their shell can be a good foods for animals). The flesh will be put into the mill and become “cacao wine”. Do you wonder why we call “cacao wine” ? Because inside the cacao seeds, after the grinding step, there is butter and, of course, this non-alcohol mixture is called “cacao wine”. In the end, this composite will be mixed with butter, milk, cheese, etc in the machine with a continual heating. The progress will be complete when the components have the best smooth level. This step is called “Conching”.

How to make chocolate with the conching process

Conching process


After a wonderful day exploring the cacao world, I was invited to enjoy all the products, and that was a great thing. I could not say: “Excuse me, I cannot” but “Excuse me, would you mind giving me some more ?”

Nothing than a cup of hot cacao

Nothing than a cup of hot cacao

… The story of taste begins

It is the time for new experience …

chocolate experiment every day make you feel strange

New experience every day with chocolate

Later, in 2012, when having my free time, I and my friends often enjoyed some delicious kinds of coffee in Vietnam. I saw something new: “Oh dear, there are many fast coffee stores, also known as take away coffee, on the street”. You would find it is very easy to catch them on your area, and it seems to be a fashion of teenagers in general, and me in particular. I wonder, when enjoying a cup of coffee in coffee bean, “How can I find a kind of chocolate that is soft and fresh in the world ? Would it be possible ?” As a dream, one day, my best friend came and told me: “ Do you want to experiment something new ? Come with me”. Whoa ! Very interesting ! I said “Yes”, and that was the first time I knew Nama Chocolate – A kind of chocolate with luxurious and sophisticated appearance plus the cool fresh green of green tea taste. When had a bite, I told him: “What is it ? Delicious !” He smiled and said: “Come with me, I will show you what it is ! I think you will like it”


hot cacao, nama fresh chocolate in our life

Come with me, I will show you the taste of life


I came to a place full of candies and cookies. I came to Japan, it was very wonderful when seeing “Royce Nama Chocolate” – a place has nothing but fresh cream chocolate with smooth skins, and it is transparent look like pearls. Many candies, many cookies ! Oh dear ! I cannot stop my feeling. I decided to bring 7 boxes of Nama chocolate and ate in just 2 weeks. Honestly, they made me feel good. Then, in a trip, my friend inspired me the current business, and saw it new to me. However, my curiosity led me to my decision. I quitted my job and built a new idea with my friend.

Where to buy fresh chocolate (fresh chocolate) ?


Our first logo

When coming home, we established the first online shop, bringing the brand ROYCE to community and sharing the desire and ambition of the youth. It created a colorful fresh cream chocolate world, and it should be good for your health. That why we – Nama Chocolate Shop – appeared with a Vietnamese style. We always want to bring the best thing to the health of consumers, especially children. With this chocolate, we ensure that you will be satisfied when holding a box of chocolate from Japan. Coming with us and building an active namavn.com. Here, you can imagine your paradise and “If you dare to have a dream, it will come true”



“Bring the world of tastes to you”

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