Fresh Nama Chocolate is well-known not only its fame for the luxurious beauty but also its many miraculous benefits


1)High blood pressure treatment:

high blood pressure treatment from nama chocolate

high blood pressure treatment from nama chocolate

Eating 6 gram black chocolate every day will help reduce high blood pressure because the effect of polyphenol – one composite that stabilize blood pressure. This result is announced in German magazine Jama. The research of Cologne hospital was progressed on 44 people among people from 56 to 73 with average blood pressure 147/86. The volunteers was follow the diet with 6 gram black chocolate every day in 18 weeks. In the end, the blood pressure of these people was significantly degree. Meanwhile, people who eat white chocolate have not the same result because white chocolate do not contain polyphenol.

2)Preventing stress:

how to reduce stress, benefit of chocolate in reduce stress

Stress from life

Many research were said that Magnesium (large amount in fresh chocolate) has an important role in preventing stress effects. Lacking of Magnesium will cause the shortage of energy that can lead to fatigue, exhaustion or worry feeling. Other research also show that food contain large amount of Magnesium such as black fresh chocolate can reduce the potential Stroke, Heart Attack and Style 2 – Diabetes

3)Good for obese people:

chocolate for fat and obese people

Chocolate helps fat and obese people

This result was from a test on a group of women from 20 to 60 which were overweight or obese at Queen Margaret (Scotland) University. These women will have the doctor bill including black chocolate in order to improve health. With the dose of 20 gram per day in 4 weeks. The researchers have recognized  the positive effects of chocolate on patiences which were suffered high cholesterol or high sugar level in blood. The previous research also show that black chocolate is good for the cardiovascular health because it can stabilize the blood pressure and improve the blood circulation.  

4)Preventing diarrhea:

Stop diarrhea with fresh chocolate

Stop diarrhea with fresh chocolate

Dr Horst Fischer at The Institution under Children Oakland Hospital in California (USA) and Dr Maximilian Schuier at Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf (Germany) have tested the figures of cacao on some cells at small intestine.  Diarrhea is very dangerous, especially on children. It can cause lacking of water which leads to some serious consequences, even thought death. Dr Fischer concluded that this research has shown the first evidences on preventing the lost of water from intestine thanks to Flavonoid in cacao. This discovery can help develop some natural methods which costs no money, can be easily approach and no side effects.

5)Help decrease cough:

how to prevent cough in daily life with fresh chocolate from Japan

Coughing in daily life

In case of non-stop cough, you had better sip chocolate. A composite in chocolate called Theobromine (xantheose) can help you decrease cough. This stuff has the effect that lower the nervous stimulation that causes cough.

6)Improving vision:

Clear eyes vision - fresh nama chocolate will help you

Clear eyes vision – fresh nama chocolate will help you

A research made by scientists of Reading University (UK) show that chocolate can the effect of improving the flow of blood to retina ; bringing many benefits to the health of our eyes. Therefore, if you often eat black chocolate, it will improve your vision.

7) Good for pregnant women:

Fresh chocolate is good for pregnant woman

Fresh chocolate is good for pregnant woman

As a research which was presented in Epidemiology magazine, eating black chocolate every day during the period of pregnancy can help reduce 69% the potential Pre-eclampsia (cause by suddenly increasing level of blood pressure) that lead to premature birth.


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